Error installing tensorflow 2.2 on Colab as well as Anaconda

@Osama_Saad_Farouk, try installing tensorflowjs before the tensorflow modifications;

  1. conda create -n tf210 tensorflow=2.1.0 python=3.7
  2. conda activate tf210
  3. pip install tensorflowjs==2.0.0
  4. pip install tensorflow-intel==0.0.1
  5. pip install tensorflow-cpu==2.1.0
  6. pip install tensorflow-estimator==2.1.0rc0
  7. pip install tensorflow==2.2.0

Then remember to install matplotlib as well, and open jupyter lab. I would recommend installing jupyter lab through the anaconda prompt. Here, you select tf210 from the environemnt dropdown list in the main page and you should be able to see a jupyter lab icon with the option to install. It does take a little bit to install so don’t worry about the wait time. Once jupyter lab downloads, you’re able to launch it from there (the install button should change to launch or open button).