Error: NameError("name 'fact_sheet_chair' is not defined")

Hi all, I am presently attempting to run the prompt for generating a marketing product description from a product fact sheet. (Reference: l3-iterative-prompt-development). I receive NameError(“name ‘fact_sheet_chair’ is not defined”).

Error is called out in Cell In[1], line 10 as Traceback (most recent call last).

Similar NameError errors tend to reappear each time a code is run in the Jupyter notebook (across the practice modules provided).
My secret API key has expired. However, the key isn’t required to run the prompts for practice in the Jupyter notebook provided.

Any guidance on this will be deeply appreciated. Thanks!

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Hello Codi,

Can you share the screenshot of the errors you got on the both instances.

NameError is a kind of error in Python that occurs when executing a function, variable, library, or string without quotes that have been typed in the code without any previous Declaration. When the interpreter, upon execution, cannot identify the global or local name throws a NameError.