Error of unittest GRULM in C3W1 assignment

I have experience a problem due to a problem with the expected output of the code and the actual output in w1_unittest.test_GRULM(GRULM).

When I pass the code in my notebook it actually says all tests are passed, but once it it time to get the grade, it doesn’t recognize that it is actually correct, so my grade is 0 (and, as a result, I cannot pass the assignment).
I suppose the error is because of an update or something, as the expected value is [‘Dense’, (None, 128, 4), 132, ‘log_softmax’] and I get [‘Dense’, (None, 128, 4), 132, ‘log_softmax_v2’] which I cannot change.

I attach some screenshots so you can check. Please, any help would be highly appreciated.

How are you setting up the activation, unless you hard coded some values then there should be a problem.

Remove this code, the solution codes are not supposed to be shared publicly. And yes its wrong, use as the suggestion says:

  • tf.nn.log_softmax: Log of the output probabilities. docs
    • You don’t need to set any parameters, just set the activation parameter as activation=tf.nn.log_softmax.

thanks very much!

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