Error using dotenv

I have a problem when I try execute this line
from dotenv import = load_dotenv,find_dotenv
_ = load_dotenv(find_dotenv())

show this message error
File “/Users/cesarcruz/openai/ambienopen/bin/testopen.ipynb”, line 5, in
“execution_count”: null,

this is the code
import openai
import os
import tiktoken

from dotenv import load_dotenv,find_dotenv
_ = load_dotenv(find_dotenv())

Somebody can help me , I appreciate

Hi, Cesar.

You filed this under “General Discussion”, so we can’t tell which course you are talking about. But just looking at the error messages, it looks like you are running locally on your own computer instead of on the course website. If you do that, you need to bring down more than just the notebook itself: in most of the courses here, the assignments include a whole tree of files with the notebooks for each assignment. Here’s a thread which shows how to download all the files for a given assignment.

Looks to me like it’s from the LangChain short course, exercise L2-Memory (that’s the first place I had to import tiktoken)

"execution_count": null is a Jupyter Notebook runtime error. Maybe try a Kernel restart & clear output ? And then run from the top of the notebook, don’t start in a cell in the middle. There could also be a corrupted empty cell that you can remove in your editor.
Let us know?

Thank you Paul , Yes I’m working locally but finally I achieved fine tuning my environment.

Thank you

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