Error when creating dataset


when I try to create dataset with by “Select a CSV file on Cloud Storage” option I always get error after a while of uploading:

Error: ImportData stopped due to too many errors.

Before I also had error which said I need to copy only from Bucket created with US location, so I then recreated bucket but now get this error.

Thanks for suggestions,

Hi Marek! Welcome to Discourse! Are you sure that you’re creating the buckets using the same credentials that Qwiklabs provided? Similar errors in the past occurred because GCP switches to your personal Gmail when opening new tabs or windows. I found that it’s best to do the Qwiklabs in a fresh Incognito/private browsing session so your personal accounts are hidden and your browser can only see the temporary Gmail provided. Hope this helps! If not, feel free to reply here. Thanks!

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Thank you, this helped!