Error when trying to download some notebooks as pdf

I’ve recently installed Latex on my system so that I can download my assignment Jupyter notebooks as pdf files, but there is still an internal server error 505 on some notebooks.

For example, in course 1, the week 3 and 4 assignments were able to download just fine, but not the week 2 assignments. Similarly, for course 2, I was able to download 2 of the 3 week 1 assignments (couldn’t download Regularization), and I couldn’t download the pdf for week 2’s assignment. Are there special fonts that are causing the Latex conversion to pdf to fail?

For the notebooks that failed I managed to download markdown instead and convert to pdf through, but the conversion is quite crude. Images aren’t embedded because the website only takes in the markdown file rather than taking all of the individual image files as well. For long lines of text, where the web browser would normally render as a horizontal scroll bar, the converted pdf cuts off the text and includes a graphic for a horizontal scroll bar, which of course has no operation within the pdf. Finally, some math type fonts for the equations don’t show up as intended.

I’d like to know if anyone else has successfully converted all of their Jupyter notebooks for the Deep Learning Specialization into high fidelity pdf files, and if so, what they had to do in order to avoid internal server errors.

In addition, some of my older notebooks from course 1 now act as though I had never completed them (none of my code filled in, no blocks executed), but still says I passed the assignment in coursera. Is this simply because there’s a time limit on how long the completed notebooks are stored online, but Coursera saves the metadata that the assignment has been completed already?

My experience is similar. I was able to download both workbooks for Week 1 using the PDF via Latex option. When I attempt that with the Week 2 ResNet workbook, I get the following error.

nbconvert failed: Pandoc wasn't found. Please check that pandoc is installed:

If any mods see this, perhaps they could take a look? If PDF download is possible for some workbooks, it should be possible for all. Thanks

Same for me in course 4. In week two assignment one and week three assignment two the PDF export is not working because pandoc was not found.

I have exactly the same problem. I was wondering if anyone has found any solution?

I am still getting the same error when trying to C1_W2_Lab02 Optional Lab: Multiple linear regression via Download as PDF via LaTex. (Gist for full error message)

500 : Internal Server Error
The error was:

nbconvert failed: PDF creating failed, captured latex output:
Failed to run “[‘xelatex’, ‘./notebook.tex’, ‘-quiet’]” command:

Same error here quite frequently when trying to download the assignments.

nbconvert failed: PDF creating failed

It would be nice to find a solution to this problem.