Error while creating filter mask

The code runs smoothly in the provided jupyter notebook but in colab it throws error on the line-
Code in Lesson 2: Image Segmentation
results = format_results(results[0], 0)
Error- AttributeError: ‘dict’ object has no attribute ‘masks’
The cause of this is in the format results function as it is unable to find- because results output does not have information on masks.

Please suggest how to resolve this error. Thanks

Please make sure you are downloading all the files for all the lessons separately

Thank you @Deepti_Prasad for your reply. I have downloaded all the required files for this particular lesson, still getting the error.

I need to see complete image of the error to know what is the issue this time then

Ok now share the screenshot for the way you wrote the codes.

Hi @Deepti_Prasad, on restarting the session and reuploading the files, the error got resolved.

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