Error with C2_W1

from the first assignment, to open the Shakespare.txt, my code keeps returning an empty list. I manually open the file, only to find it blank

Note: I’m not a mentor for that course.

Is that the correct file name? Looks misspelled to me.

The name is already spelt in one of the written code

That’s the result of the test code

Hi @Adaramola_Samson

You might have accidentally modified it (instead of only-reading it). You can refresh your workspace to receive a new copy of that file (but make sure you save what you need first).


Seems, i have a problem with the lab, I’ve save, refreshed & updated the lab, but the problem still persist.
Can i drop my lab id, possibly you have look at it

Hi @Adaramola_Samson

Only staff members can access notebooks by ids (mentors cannot). They are usually very busy so please make sure you refreshed your workspace (deleted the Shakespare.txt file then refreshed the workspace) and checked the file before doing anything else.

If the problem is still there (the newly created file is still empty) maybe @Mubsi will have time to look at it.


thanks, i’m grateful, this solves the problem, i delete the txt file & it refresh by giving me a new file