Error with Exercise 2 - DecoderLayer excercise

Hello, I’m having issue with the self.mha2() attribute. The return value attn_weights_block2 is suppose to has the shape (1, 16, 15, 3) but instead it returned the shape (1, 16, 15, 7).
The other two values returned by the method which are out3 and attn_weights_block1 still have the correct shape (1, 16, 15, 15) and (1, 15, 12) respectively so I don’t know what I did wrong

Facing same issue

Hi @Nguyen_Huy_Tuan_K17, there was an error in the expected output mkdown which we have corrected already (you probably won’t see the change since we didn’t want to force learners to restart on a blank assignment because of this change, but it will be fixed for all future learners). Getting a 7 in that last dimension is correct.