Error with first assignment

I can’t know how to solve this error.

Hi Fatma! In the first place, remember that you are only supposed to edit the code between ### START CODE HERE ### and ### END CODE HERE ###.

Second, the function compute_cost returns a float: total_cost, which is the cost of using w, and b as the parameters for linear regression to fit the data points in x and y.

According to the TypeError: unsupported format string passed to numpy.ndarray I believe your output is a NumPy ndarray.


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Yes, it is. I just search for how can I solve it since I don’t know any experience with python before

Did you get your answer right?
If not then use
print(f’Cost at initial w: {cost:.3f}‘)
instead of: print(f’(Cost at initial w: {cost:.3f})') .

Getting familiar with Python is helpful for this course, Checkout this Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) course.

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What is the difference between both?
Yeah, I just begun it this week

No difference except, () will get printed in first case.
I realised that like Enzo mentioned you have error with what you are returning from the function you implemented in above cell. compute_cost function should return a float value while in your case it is returning an array.
If you are not finding how you changed the data type of total_cost, reload a new notebook and only change the code between ### START CODE HERE ### and ### END CODE HERE ### .


Thanks for explaining it. I am going to try it and see what will go on