Error with lab C2_W1_Assignment

I wrote this code:

(Solution code removed, as posting it publicly is against the honour code of this community, regardless if it is correct or not)

And after applying:

word_l = process_data('./data/shakespeare.txt')
vocab = set(word_l)  # this will be your new vocabulary
print(f"The first ten words in the text are: \n{word_l[0:10]}")
print(f"There are {len(vocab)} unique words in the vocabulary.")

it returns:

The first ten words in the text are: 
['o', 'for', 'a', 'muse', 'of', 'fire', 'that', 'would', 'ascend', 'the']
There are 6303 unique words in the vocabulary.

but Expected Output

The first ten words in the text are: 
['o', 'for', 'a', 'muse', 'of', 'fire', 'that', 'would', 'ascend', 'the']
There are 6116 unique words in the vocabulary.

It is solved. Just need to apply re.findall instead of all the stuff I did

Hi @Xingqiang_Chen,

Did you copy paste this code from somewhere ?

Your code cell doesn’t have the same instructions as the ones that are present in the assignment’s Ex 1.

def process_data(file_name):
        A file_name which is found in your current directory. You just have to read it in. 
        words: a list containing all the words in the corpus (text file you read) in lower case. 
    words = [] # return this variable correctly

    ### START CODE HERE ### 
    #Open the file, read its contents into a string variable
    # convert all letters to lower case
    #Convert every word to lower case and return them in a list.
    ### END CODE HERE ###
    return words

When I am blocked in some place, I use to delete all and start again and I have already solved it!