Error with sigmoid function in final lab

Hi there,

I am writing my sigmoid function for the final lab on course 1 and getting this error:

AssertionError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-116-11ebc8ea1ba1> in <module>
      3 # UNIT TESTS
      4 from public_tests import *
----> 5 sigmoid_test(sigmoid)

~/work/ in sigmoid_test(target)
      4 def sigmoid_test(target):
----> 5     assert np.isclose(target(3.0), 0.9525741268224334), "Failed for scalar input"
      6     assert np.allclose(target(np.array([2.5, 0])), [0.92414182, 0.5]), "Failed for 1D array"
      7     assert np.allclose(target(np.array([[2.5, -2.5], [0, 1]])), 

AssertionError: Failed for scalar input

It appears the failure is expecting the value 3 for the sigmoid function, however, I thought the sigmoid produces values 0 > g(z) > 1. Or is the input of the function 3 and the expected output the 0.9525741268224334?

It appears this latter statement was correct. And by the way, I found an error in my sigmoid function. Watch those signs!

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Hi !

IDK why I am stuck at this step !!

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