Error with unit test for compute_cost in C1_W3_Logistic_Regression


I am getting a unit error on exercise 2 although my function calculates the right numbers for zero w anbd b and non zero w and b. I am able to get correct answers to all subsequent tests and exercises until I am getting to exercise 5 where I am not getting the correct answer. I believe issue might be coming from exercise 2. Could you pls help ?

Please post a screen capture image of the error message.

Your compute_cost() function doesn’t give the correct results for the test case in compute_cost_test().

  • The test that gives 0.218 is built into the notebook. That test has two features.

  • The compute_cost_test() function is in the file. It has multiple tests with different numbers of features. Your code must work with any size of w and X.

I understand it has some issue but I am not sure what the issue is in my code. How can I see what the other tests are ? only test i can see is this 0.21.

You can use the notebook “File” menu and open the “” file.