Ex 1 : uniform generator

I give this code for the assignment but I didn’t get any score for my effort. what is its mistake? look at my code
import numpy as np

def uniform_generator(a, b, num_samples=100):
  # moderator edit: code removed

Example usage

print(f"6 randomly generated values between 0 and 1:\n{np.array2string(uniform_generator(0, 1, num_samples=6), precision=3)}\n")
print(f"3 randomly generated values between 20 and 55:\n{np.array2string(uniform_generator(20, 55, num_samples=3), precision=3)}\n")
print(f"1 randomly generated value between 0 and 100:\n{np.array2string(uniform_generator(0, 100, num_samples=1), precision=3)}")

There’s no problem with that function.
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