Exercise 2 - alpaca_model

Help! For week 2 Exercise 2 - alpaca_model,
what could be the issue for my code causing the following error?

Test failed
Expected value
[‘Sequential’, (None, 160, 160, 3), 0]
does not match the input value:
[‘Sequential’, (None, None, None, 3), 0]

Perhaps you did not use the correct arguments in the line of code that creates the base_model.

Thank you!
It was resolved after restarted and rerun the whole things,

@swe: This seems like a recurring problem for you. One thing you may be missing is that just typing code into a cell doesn’t change anything, until you actually execute that cell by selecting it and then clicking “Shift-Enter” to run it. Just typing new code and then calling the function again will run the old code.

You can prove this to yourself really easily: take a function that works and test it by running the test cell that calls that function. All good. Now type a syntax error or in some other way break the function, but don’t hit “Shift-Enter” and then run your test cell again. It still works. Now click “Shift-Enter” in the broken cell and then try the test again.

thanks for your advice.