Exercise 3: Resnet Error in Test


I have implemented Resnet as described and followed all instructions, it seem to be perfect but I am stuck with this error message. Please help!

The error is because of the difference between “same” padding and “valid” padding.

Seems like you’re expected to use valid padding when you’ve specified it as same.

There is nowhere I specified same or valid padding in all my code because there was no instruction to specify. The error message also doesn’t point to where this is from, I have been stuck with it for days now

There is nowhere I specified ‘same’ or ‘valid’ padding in all my code because there was no instruction to specify.

Are you sure? The first bullet in the markdown under Second component of main path should specify the padding as same.

I’m not officially a mentor but have completed the specialization. Could you message me your code?

That just means you did not read the instructions carefully enough. It is specified in each step which type of padding to use. I suggest you read them again with that thought in mind.

Check your identity_block() function. That’s where the padding is defined that is used in the ResNet50() function.

The unit test for that function doesn’t check the padding.

The instructions @balaji.ambresh identified are in Section 3.1.

The convolutional_block also has padding instructions. Sorry, I did not pick up on the fact that the error is only reported on resnet50 if you get the padding wrong in the earlier steps. Eeeek! That’s a bug in the unit tests. Which I see you have already filed. Thanks, Tom!