Exercise 3 - unet_model_value_error

I got this error

it seem the problem is in the number of filters so i have checked them but i didn’t figured it i used 2 * n_filters than 4 * , 8* , 16* for conv_block
and 8* n_filters than 4 * , 2* , 1* for upsampling_block

The instructions tell you what to do. The point is not to hard-code anything, but use the parameters that are passed and then multiply by the appropriate factors at each level.

yh this is what I did, I multiplied it by 2

The first conv_block uses just n_filters and then you double it every time after that, right?

Also make sure you do “Kernel → Restart and Clear Output”, “Cell → Run All” to make sure you are actually running the code that you are looking at.

If you look at the full “summary” of your model or the correct one, you can see that your error is on the very last conv_block call. Note that you have 368 filters, but 368 is not divisible by 32, right? And the value of n_filters in this test case is 32. So how could that happen?


Sorry I actually used n_filter for the first conv_block

the number of filter in conv_block 5 must be 16 * n_filter as the fourth time I doubled it

thank you :heart_eyes: , the error is actually in conv_block5 I have used 16n_classes* instead of n_fillters

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