Exercise 5 - propagate/ dw expression

Hello everyone ! I’am having a syntax error in the expression of dw and I don’t see It, here is my cost function : cost = (-1/m)np.sum((Ynp.log(A))+((1-Y)*log(1-A)). And the the expression of my dw is : dw = (1 / m) * np.dot(X, (A-Y).T)
there is a * between -1/m and np.sum in my cost function, we just don’t see It in the publication
Thank you for your help !

Dear Mr. Mohammed,

Yes, there are many syntax errors regarding the positioning of the functions and the brackets too. Please check the location of the symbols (*) thoroughly and you will get it.


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Exactly. When you get a syntax error at the beginning of a line, it usually means you are missing a close parenthesis on the previous line. Or some other form of incomplete syntax …

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