Exercise 8 - model ValueError

Before this i could pass all the exercise tests.
But this one giving error. Not able to figure out the problem in my code. I am getting this error

solved it. I had to use X_train, Y_train in optimize() instead of X, Y.
But now getting a new error.

Hi Shlesha, welcome to the community! This is the assignment for C1 W2: logistic regression with a NN mindset, right?
I can currently target your error from the screenshot to the function propagate(), is it possible that you might have hard-coded some variables in your function?

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Hello Shlesha,

Welcome to the community.

Please look at the inner dimensions of the matrix. It’s not in coordination. Both the inner dimensions should match to get the right shape.

(1, 2) & (4,7)

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Hi @kchong37 and @Rashmi , Thanks
yes i got it. I was hard-coding dimensions value in initialize-with-zero.

Good to hear from you, Shlesha.

Happy learning!

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