Exercise 8 - week2 assignment

I did not understand this error , why would the list ‘costs’ be of a length equal to 1 , since it consists of all the costs computed through all the training process ?!


refer this

Thank you, I solved this problem , but still another error arose .

As far as I know , I followed all the steps asked for and I do not have any idea about what is behind this error and why my values are different than the real ones .

the only way I found to change the weights to adjust them is to change the learning rate to 0.005 (which is a process I did randomly ) . It is so close to the values asked for but still NOT EQUAL .

And I find this extremely weird !!! :thinking:

It is a mistake to “hard-code” the value of the learning rate. It is passed in and you just use it “as is”.

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Yes, there is clearly something wrong with your code. Now you need to figure out where the bug is.

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You need to go back and check if you have written right codes for w

For the cells above , all the tests were passed ,and for the current cell I just used : w=params[‘’ w ‘’]

if you see in the error log, it clearly mentions traceback (most recent call last)

so go to the most previous grader cell.

Why are you expecting functions calls to understand your shortcut names? they don’t like nick names
They like to be called as they are suppose to be :slight_smile:

Retrieve parameters w and b from dictionary “parameters”

you can send codes for the two previous grader cells via personal DM. Click on my name and then message.

Because I already defined ‘params’ previously in the code ,but now I changed , and as expected it is still the same .

Check your DM, I have sent you the reasoning for your error.