Exercise 9 - L_model_backward -grads error

may i ask if anyone can find out why my function can’t pass the test?
with SyntaxError: invalid syntax

[Moderator edit: Solution code removed.]

[Moderator edit: Solution code removed!]

You do not have the right parenthesis in the previous instruction.

hi Nobu,
i have grads = {} before the loop, and didn;t change. may i ask what else do i need?

You may want to double-check the closing parenthesis in the above equation just after “relu”.

You may ask, but it would be useful if you first asked yourself what it is that you are trying to accomplish in this exercise. Hint: like forward propagation, backward propagation is an iterative process.

In what way does your invocation of the linear_activation_backward(...) function in the “for loop” acknowledge that fundamental property? Do you see the loop index l in any of your arguments to linear_activation_backward? It may be the case that you simply copied and pasted the first call to linear_activation_backward higher up in the function. That will not do you any good. You may have correctly changed the activation argument, but there is more work to do.

Hi Lucy,

The point that everyone here is trying to make -python throws a syntax error whenever a close parenthesis or any such symbols (like equations) are missing from the previously executed line. Just have a look around what you have missed in the line and your function will definitely pass the test.