Exercise: Bird Recognition in the City of Peacetopia


I can’t understand what does that mean in the photo below.

Does “the speed at which you can iterate” means that if “our team” choose to train the total 100,000,000, we hardly finish the cat detector research project in time (before the project’s deadline)?

Thanks for your support in advanced!


Hello @AdamWang ,
we cannot discuss about what answer is wrong or right, but I can say something about what I understand from the statement before the first answer.

It says “… you have such a huge dataset of 100,000,000 cat images that training on this data takes about two weeks.”. Each time you want to train a model, you need to wait 2 weeks. now imagine what will happen if you need to try several neural architectures and combinations of hyperparameters.

In my understanding here, one “iteration” is 2 weeks time.