Exercise8 of Assignment 1

I have passed the test for all the previous exercises for the neural network mindset assignment.

when calling the Initialize function in the model , I have use X_train.shape([0]) and i’m getting this following error which i do not comprehend well.

Wrong values for pred. [array(5.80154532)] != [array(0.69314718)]

any help will be much appreciated.

Hi @hayou, I don’t think that error is happening during the initialization, that error seems to indicate that your predictions do not match what the grader is expecting.

Hello @albertovilla , thanks for the reply . Please do you have any idea why my predictions are wrong.

Maybe you could check how you are calling the optimize function inside model, in particular, please make sure you are using all parameters and that you are not hardcoding them.

I have checked and i couldn’t find any of the remarks you mentioned above . Or maybe I’m missing something.

Hi @hayou , this code should result in an Assertion Error as there is a typo in cost (instead of costs). Please check, also for any hardcoded variables.

Can I ask you to remove the screenprint as it is in our Honour Code not to share potential solutions on the platform?
regards Stephanus

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thank you for the help @sjfischer , it has worked now.