Failed test case: incorrect number of (training, testing) images when using a split of 0.5 and 12 images (6 are zero-sized)

Grader output
Failed test case: incorrect number of (training, testing) images when using a split of 0.5 and 12 images (6 are zero-sized).
(3, 3),
but got:
(4, 4).

Why is this? I tried rounding up and down when calculating the training-testing partition

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Hi @damf.383! I think that your implementation is not filtering out two zero-sized images since there are 8 images and there should be 6. A little hint: Usually you want two separate loops, one for filtering out the images and then one for doing the actual split. Doing these two steps within the same loop might yield undesired results.

Double check your solution with this in mind and try again :slight_smile: If this persists then let us know so we can take a look at your code.

Hi @a-zarta, I actually got the same error although I proceeded to splitting only afer removal of the 0 sized images. Can you aid over the issue in that case please?

Sure, DM me with a screenshot of your code so I can take a look

To everyone facing similar issues please note that if your implementation iterates over a list and removes items during the iteration, this operation is unsafe in Python and might yield undesired results. A better approach is to start with an empty list and append the items that pass the filtering to it or use a list comprehension (although you miss the print statements if you use this, but still worth mentioning).

Is you want to understand why this happens take a look at this: python - Strange result when removing item from a list while iterating over it - Stack Overflow

Hopefully this clears things out! :slight_smile:


This works!! Thanks.

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thanks very much. I got same error. I have taken your suggestion, and created a file list, and use append(filename) to append to new file list, and solved the issue.