Failure due to nonuser implementation error in C1_W3_Logistic_Regression final lab?

Hello @Jesse_B,

The ungraded cells are locked to prevent unexpected changes that can cause troubles to assignment submission. We don’t need to change anything in ungraded cells to pass the assignment, but we do want to trace back to the source of the problem. This is going to take a few posts but if you will stay with me, hopefully we can find out the problem soon.

First, the error message talked about the shape of y which is a long list of ones plus a two at the end. This is abnormal. Moreover, this part of the traceback said the y is computed using w and b:


So if either w or b (or plot_x) has a problem, it can propagate to plot_y, then y, and finally get you that error message.

Now I need you to add a code cell like the following. Then run all the code cells from the beginning up to that added code cell, and share with me what it prints:


You may copy the code from here:

print(w.shape, b.shape, X_train.shape, y_train.shape)

Note that, before submission, you will need to remove the added cell. Therefore, this cell is added only temporarily for investigations.


PS: to add a cell there, single-click on the description right above, then click the " + " button on the menu bar.