Feature Scaling and learning rate lab

Here we train the model using normalized data, so we get normalized parameters.
when making predictions I think the result will also be normalized, so how to make the nomalized predicted value real? Also, is the predicted price here normalized or real?

To get a prediction, you apply the same normalization (mu and sigma) to the features, then compute the value.

It’s the real result - there are no normalized outputs.

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Before training, we normalize the features, and generally we do not normalize the labels.

After training, like you said, the weights are adapted to the normalized features, but since the model is trained to model those labels that have never been normalized, the predictions are in their original scale - we do not need to do anything to unnormalize them.

Here, if the labels are in thousand dollars, then the predictions are in thousand dollars. If the labels are in million dollars, then the predictions are in million dollars.


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Thanks so much. I finally got it.