Feature Scaling optional lab: plot_cost_i_w() function?

How are the orange and blue graph lines being constructed in plot_cost_i_w() function? ax[1].plot(ws[:,0],hist[“cost”]) seems to create the orange lines. Where do the blue lines get set?

Hello @Ritu_Thaker,

Each call to the plot method will give us one new line. If you want to be sure which is which, you may add the label argument like ax[...].plot(..., ..., label="name 1") to all the plots, and then add a line for plt.legend() before plt.show().

The label argument gives each line a label. The legend method draws the legend that shows the labels, then you can identify the lines by the names you give them.

You may just edit lab_utils_multi.py and leave some notes there to remind yourself later that you had made some changes.