First try of Lamini - empty answer - need help

Hi everybody, I am new in the community and I follow since Nov 23 (not that much!) I’m not a software engineer nor a data scientist, I’m just a doer.
I followed with much interest the latest webinar from Lamini about prompt engineering for OSLLMs. I just wanted to try it out, but what I get is no bugs and an empty answer ().

pip install lamini

import lamini
llm = lamini.LlamaV2Runner()
response=llm(“How are you?”)

$ python3

The execution takes some seconds: it seems it actually ‘runs’.

(I’ve also tried out the scripts that Sharon shared in the webinar, same result: no bugs, empty string).

I am sure I’m doing something so stupid that I don’t even realise!
Thank you so much for any help!