Flaw in the directions for exercise 1

The directions make no sense in light of the test that follows. The test apparently asks for the column spider to be included in the one hot encoding, while the autograder assumes it will not. Further, the autograder assumes that we will only convert three of the four stages to one hot encoding, but the directions do not state what stage is to be left out, apparently stage one. Would you please review my answer and your question, and the autograder assumptions? My workbook code is euxwgbkb @Mubsi


Hi @Bradley_Merrill_Thom,

Your Ex 1 seems to be correct, passing both the assignment and the autograder test. I don’t see any issues in it. Could you give me more details as to what issue you were facing ? If you have a code snippet, kindly DM me it.

Btw, did you get a chance to look at the hints for that question ?

However, you are failing your Ex 3, due to various logical errors in it. I suggest you give it another try.


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@Mubsi thank you for your reply. I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t realize that we had to click on the word hint in order to see them. I thought you were just routinely putting the word hint there, but actually there were no hints. Honestly, I think a better approach is to improve the instructions so that the instructions say what you want, for example to get rid of the first column for each category. That should be an instruction, not a hint. But thanks for your help. Finished the course.