For people wondering what is capybara?

Se llama “Carpincho” en castellano por lo menos en Argentina

Les gusta el mate?

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@discobot Great.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

what is neede to do here?

Your comment got me questioning, “why the different English word for an animal that is not found in England or North America?” According to ChatGPT the name “Carpincho” is only used in Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay… This of course turned into 2 questions. What other animals are called different things in various languages? Additionally, “What has the greatest number of distinct words that mean the exact same thing?” This, of course, turned into 4 new questions, and that turned into 16 questions… and there was day and night, the 3rd day… Still in a continual conversation with ChatGPT… OpenAI’s advising slogan should read: For all of those who said social media was addicting, “Check this out!”

I’m also having the same trouble. Good luck in getting through this!