For people wondering what is capybara?

When you created your account, a certain discobot might have asked you to search for term capybara.
Well, if you don’t know what capybara is, here are some cute pictures of the same :stuck_out_tongue:


haha nice. But the twitter account is now suspended :stuck_out_tongue:

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Damn :sneezing_face:
Then this should be enough → One baby capybara not cute enough for you? Chiba zoo has five【Photos】 | Cute animals, Cute baby animals, Animals beautiful


when i see capybara, i remember an anime but i forgot


@agparth yes,If the discobot did it, for us to interact. :laughing:

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@agparth five is not enough I need more :smile:

Here is another one!!


@agparth so cute to see those furry animals

damn :laughing: real surprise

How… why would they take the capybara account down!?!

Wait i feel like rickrolled from discobot, ah a good one!

Love it ! Is it the the animal that so kind it goes to its predators ?

The capybara is the biggest rodent in the world.


Hahaha omggg :heart:
Didn’t see this coming at all!

Having trouble completing the ‘new user tutorial’ bot seems to die after the capybara search. So here’s a pic of capybaras until I figure this out.

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A capibara studuying ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers

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cabybaras are the cutest animals

totally surprised by the capybara pictures, they are so cute.

Brrr…It’s cold :slight_smile:

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They are So cute :heart_eyes:

I love capybaras