Formula for Emission Matrix

Hi all,

I believe there is a mistake in the formula for Populating the Emission Matrix

In the denominator it should be C(t_i) + V *\epsilon as we are summing over all the words w_i given t_i.

Or am I misunderstanding something?


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Hi @skyrockets_21

For consistency of notation, yes, here instead of N it should be V. The same goes for code hints in the assignment (see this post)

Usually N is associated with counts (natural numbers) regardless of the things that are being counted so I guess we could not call it a mistake, but for clarity it could have been V.

Thank you for the clarification @arvyzukai !

Thank you for note. I was going to ask the same question. In my opinion, the video lecture should have clarification pop-up on this matter. N and V are not the same: N is number of states (tags), V is number of words in vocabulary. When sum over row, probs should add up to 1 (quiz question), not the case with +N*epsiolon.
Thank you