Full Encoder issue

I have wrong value problem with UNQ_C5. I tried to see where the bug appears in earlier codes, but I can’t seem to find any and I also passed the previous tests… can someone help me spot any issues?
This is my EncoderLayer, which works fine…

# mentor edit: code removed.

But whenever I run full encoder, I run into assertion error “Wrong values”
I can’t seem to find ANY ERROR !!
Please help me :((

def call(self, x, training, mask):
# mentor edit: code removed

Please edit your message and remove the code. That breaks the course Honor Code.

The correct way to ask for help is to say what exercise and function you’re having trouble with, post a copy of any error or assert messages, and see if anyone has suggestions on how to fix it.

You can also search the Forum for that function name before you start a new thread.

Posting your code is not allowed.

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