Fun with Halucinations in ChatGPT

I had to have a little fun with ChatGPT, so I decided to pop a little craziness into a prompt and get ChatGPT to give me four very stylistic hallucinations to enjoy so I could share them with you.

This code is just two lines I modified from Isa Fulford’s excellent and short course on ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers.


Here’s the prompt:

prompt = f""
Tell me about the pocket drone for carrying herds of wild elephants and giraffes over the Andes mountains
and the type of gasoline to use for this drone on a Tuesday versus on a Friday. Please tell why.
Please explain this four times in a humorous way as might be expected of Ogden Nash, Mark Twain, Red Skelton, and Robin Williams.
response = get_completion(prompt)
Here are the results!
Ogden Nash
In the Andes, where the air is thin,
A pocket drone did once begin,
To carry herds of elephants and giraffes,
Over mountains, with no time to laugh.

But alas, the fuel it needed to fly,
Was a mystery, oh my oh my!
On Tuesday, it craved gasoline supreme,
To soar high and fulfill its dream.

Yet come Friday, it had a different whim,
Regular gasoline made its engine brim.
Why, you ask? Well, it’s a curious thing,
The drone just loved the weekend fling!

Mark Twain:
Now, picture this scene, if you will,
A pocket drone, with a mighty skill,
To carry elephants and giraffes, oh my,
Over the Andes, reaching the sky.

On Tuesday, it yearned for gasoline rare,
To conquer the mountains, with utmost care.
But come Friday, it had a change of heart,
Regular gasoline, it craved from the start.

Why, you ask? Well, it’s a peculiar tale,
The drone had a secret, it couldn’t unveil.
For on weekends, it longed for a wild spree,
Partying with elephants and giraffes, you see!

Red Skelton:
Oh, the pocket drone, what a sight to behold,
Carrying herds of animals, so I’m told.
Over the Andes, it soared with glee,
But its fuel preferences, a mystery to me!

On Tuesday, it demanded the finest gasoline,
To fly high and mighty, like a flying machine.
But come Friday, it changed its tune,
Regular gasoline, it wanted to consume.

Why, you ask? Well, it’s a funny thing,
The drone had a secret, it loved to sing!
On Fridays, it joined a band of animal cheer,
And sang its heart out, for all to hear!

Robin Williams:
Oh, the pocket drone, what a wondrous sight,
Carrying elephants and giraffes, day and night.
Over the Andes, it flew with grace,
But its fuel choices, a puzzling case!

On Tuesday, it craved the finest gasoline,
To conquer the mountains, like a flying machine.
But come Friday, it had a different desire,
Regular gasoline, it needed to acquire.

Why, you ask? Well, listen here my friend,
The drone had a secret, it couldn’t pretend.
On Fridays, it transformed into a party beast,
Dancing with elephants and giraffes, at the very least!

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Nice job. There is a group on LinkedIn that focuses on Hallucinating AI. Perhaps you’ll find it useful. :wink:

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Thank you so much! Sounds like a way to mix learning with having a great amount of fun!

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