Fusion Techniques

Hello dear mentors and learners.
I have been working on a multimodal classification for a while and unfortunately I got stuck in fusion techniques and how to implement in code aspect. I’d appreciate any advice, including a little tip.
Thanks ahead of time.

Hi, Hossein Shahverdi.


I am not able to get what fusion techniques are you talking about? Is it data fusion? If that is so, here’s a link to the article where a couple of techniques have been discussed for multi-modalities. You can go through once.


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Hello dear Rashmi,
Yes, you guessed right and I appreciate taking your time. Though I have theoretical knowledge of this era, my main problem is to implement fusion techniques into the code aspect. Do you have any useful resources please?

Hello, Hussein Shahverdi.

No, I have a rare idea on this topic, but its interesting one.
While doing web search, I came across a few that could be of use to you.

  1. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/252007489_Implementation_of_image_fusion_techniques_for_multi-focus_images_using_FPGA

  2. https://www.gofastresearch.com/2020/05/image-fusion-using-swt.html

  3. An attached file.

  4. Do more search on Google scholar.

Just go through it and share your response, so that other learners can too have an idea if they might be interested.

Implementation-fusion tech.pdf (1.1 MB)

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Oh thank you so much for your troubles. Hope to repay your favor one day.