GAN Specialization Slides

Hey mentors, just like we were provided slides for all the courses in the Deep Learning Specialization, can you please provide the same for the courses in the GAN specialization?


In the DLS, at the end of every week, there was a special lecture to download all the slides of all the videos in that week, as a single PDF. The same approach would be the best possible thing for all the learners!

You can download video by visiting each video! And other materials will be available at the end of each week.

@076bct088.sumit I can’t see any material at the end of the week mate. Is the specialization going to get updated, or do I need to refresh my course progress?

There must be reading materials.reading

It might be anywhere but mostly it will be at last of each week.

@076bct088.sumit I guess there is a confusion. I am not talking about the reading material. I am talking about slides used in lectures.

Also, can you please take a look at my doubt which I have posted in the Week 4 Course 1 section. I am stuck for the past 3 hours!

HI @Elemento,

I am assuming you are looking for the slides as pptx download for each video, right?

Like the image below from Deep Learning Specialization courses

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Yes @vinothpandian I am talking about these only. And also, like the one, shown in the above image, where we would get the PDF for the entire week!

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Sorry for my misunderstanding,
Something like your demand is not available for now, we are constantly working on that and we will definitely go to upgrade our course.
Thank you for your advice!!

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Thanks @Elemento for your suggestion. I have picked it up as a suggestion (issue #10). We will keep you posted on what is decided.

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