General Week 3 Feedback

This was one of the first weeks in which I felt that the content was a good start but needed more in various areas. I referred to many resources off of the Coursera platform to strengthen my understanding. My main issues were at first in understanding and applying concepts related to Newton’s Method and Hessians. I thought I had further studied those enough to proceed with the content, but then I got a 50% on the Graded Quiz and felt lost on the phrasing of the first few questions especially. I’ll be posting to further understand those.

I’m posting here in case it helps with future course updates. We might need more applied questions and practice (not necessarily more video content) on Newton’s Method and Hessians. At the time that I’m posting this, I think others might be struggling too since I saw that less than 50% of students passed the Graded Quiz on their first try.

Hi @farmerinatechstack!

Thanks for your feedback. I will forward this to our team so we can improve our content.