Getting AccessDeniedException in Lab 3

This is my third day with a set of errors that impede lab3 completion. First 2 days I had “Account De-activated” and “cleanup in progress” messages. Now I do not get those but I get “AccessDeniedException” for ml.m5.2xlarge instance type (the suggested one) for Python3.

This is truly frustating!!!

Can you please fix these and ensure that there are no lab issues?


Which course are you attending? You posted in the General Discussions forum.

Please use the ‘pencil’ icon in the thread title to move your message to the correct forum for that course.

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After many re-tries, the exception went away and I was able to get a kernel to complete the lab.

So please ignore this post.

One humble suggestion - the lab environment is brittle. Please make it more robust for a better lab experience.

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Your suggestion would be more useful if you put it in the forum for the course you are discussing.

Oops … sorry. This was about “Generative AI with LLMs” course

Please move the thread to the correct forum area. See my previous reply on how to do this.

done. thanks

I’m also getting the same error while starting the lab 3. What is the solution?