Getting an error

I am getting an error when running the first example code.

The error is posted below.

NameError Traceback (most recent call last)
----> 1 for i, index in enumerate(example_indices):
2 dialogue = dataset[‘test’][index][‘dialogue’]
3 summary = dataset[‘test’][index][‘summary’]
5 inputs = tokenizer(dialogue, return_tensors=‘pt’)

NameError: name ‘example_indices’ is not defined

In which cell is example_indices defined, did you forget to run that cell or maybe you deleted it by mistake?

Have you definitely run the cell(s) before where example_indices is set up? Section 2 of the notebook has a cell with this in it:

example_indices = [40, 200]

I restarted the studio console, reloaded everything, and that fixed the problem. Thanks.

I fixed the problem. Thanks.