Getting error in checking final model

Hello in assignment 1 after defining final_model this code
is given to check whether final_model is define correctly or not and after running that I am getting this error:-
layer_3_activation_check: wine_quality layer has an incorrect activation. Please check your code.
Expected: <function sigmoid at 0x7f95c9d27ef0>
Result: <function sigmoid at 0x7f95ccc4a5f0>
Please open if you want to see the unit test here.

Can anyone please help me???

Hmm… it’s interesting that while the error shows that both your expected and actual values are the function sigmoid, they are at different addresses.

How did you define your activation function? It should work if you just pass a string activation=‘<your_value_here>’ parameter to Dense(…). If you defined it some other way, try that to see if it works.

Beyond that, you could go take a look at test_final_mode() in utils, and see exactly what it’s checking. It might help to add print statements.