Good book to help to understand ML course

When I was do the ML courses, I had problems to create python codes to solve the ML problems. There is always some disconnections between the coding and the actual ML problems.

Until recently, I read a book called Algorithm, which solved all of my questions and queries to create my own ML coding problem.

Strongly recommend!

Hi @Nick_Han,

Thank you for the book recommendation. If anyone is interested, I found out that it can be downloaded for free at this link:


Hi @Nick_Han @Samuel_Chazy

Here is another very good book which helped me to understand ML algos
Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow, by Aurélien Géron

Muhammad John Abbas

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Hi there,

in addition: @paulinpaloalto created an excellent post on bibliography here: Deep Learning Bibliography

From my personal experience I can underline the mentioned books from Chollet & Goodfellow, too. I read them in 2018 during a 2 week holiday and I learned a lot!

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Beautiful guys. I should have posted this topic earlier so we could see all kinds of good books to help the learning.

Hi Samuel,

I am trying to find some good python exercise books but not sure which one is good.

any recommendations?

Many thanks

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Hi @Nick_Han,

I haven’t until now found a good exercise book for python. What I have been doing until now is taking Coursera courses in the topics that I am interested in.

Thank you so much for sharing the book.