Google AI emergent property learning Bengali topic

1.Google’s Sundar Pichai talks about emergent property of AI in learning Bengali and then translating it which was not intended by Google team. Google AI teaches itself Bangla | The Business Standard

Question: If this is true, where did the data come from? Was it many random trials of Bengali translation queries on www?

Question: any idea what actually would be this (black box is it model learning from unintended data or something like self organization Maps?)Mr.Pichai’s quote about black box actually…responsible for this emergent behaviour?

  1. Where as one another (ex) Google researcher claims to have Bengali language learning as intended target indeed.
    Question: Which of 1 & 2 could be more likely?

Hi tennis_geek,

The issue seems to revolve around the meaning of the ‘incorporation of PaLM work’ into Bard. If this means parameters obtained by calibrating PaLM have been included into Bard, Margaret Mitchell’s reference to the inclusion of Bengali in the calibration of PaLM could well hold water.

I guess the only people who could know are those who incorporated PaLM work into Bard (maybe Jack Krawczyk?).

As an added note, the daily beast claims the discussion with Pichai was in fact about PaLM rather than Bard.

@reinoudbosch Thanks and took a long time :grinning: to understand and digest Bard & PALM. yes, it makes sense that calibration of PALM might have affected BARD altogether. So shouldn’t be a surprise in a way. Then may be usage of term ‘Black Box’ was too hyped up in this whole context. Wonder why they used this word… may be a commercial stunt to draw audience attention. I amn’t sure though.
Thanks for the pointers.

Hi tennis_geek,

There is a lot of hype, but also a lot of misunderstanding about the intricacies of the workings of these models and a lot of ascribing of human qualities to mathematical equations (reification). I guess the only person who knows the answer is Sundar Pichai. I’ll ask him when I meet him for coffee tomorrow (just joking :wink: ).

You never know!! This could be very well be a small instance of a superset of new novel emergent properties from the chaotic universe model! :grinning: