Grade for Assignment C1_W2 is Calculated Incorrectly

The grading output shows "Function false_negatives not found in Code Cell UNQ_C5. However, this cell is for functions related to get_ppv and get_nnv.

My lab workbook shows all code cells produced correct results. So why am I getting 80%


When you don’t get 100% from the grader, it means your code does not pass all of the test cases the grader uses.

Hi @G_Bowden_Wise,

You first implemented false_negatives, false_positive etc all these functions, right ?

Then later you are implementing functions get_ppv and get_nnv . You can’t calculate ppv and nnv without the functions I mentioned above, right ?

So, what Function false_negatives not found in Code Cell UNQ_C5 means is that, instead of using the functions you implemented above false_negatives etc for your implementations of ppv and nnv, you are writing the basic code for false_negatives etc again.

You are writing the same code twice, instead of calling the functions you have implemented before.

Hope this makes sense,

Great catch Mubsi! I was calling the earlier defined functions, but had called the wrong function instead of false_negatives