Graded Quiz Question 1

Can someone describe how Newton’s Method can be “an approximation recursive formula for the square root of 2”? I understand that Newton’s Method is a method for recursive approximation, but I was confused to see it referred to as an approximation for a specific value (the “square root of 2”) rather than function (the f(x) listed below). I suspect that there’s a perspective on this that I’m missing. I’ve posted the quiz question below.


The square root of 2 is just an example where Newtons Method can be applied.

I don’t understand the phrasing though and that’s making me wonder if I’m misunderstanding the concept too. Don’t we use Newton’s Method to approximate when a function is zero as opposed to approximate a specific number?

I would understand the question if it said something like “Using Newton’s Method, what’s an approximation recursive formula for the zeros of f(x)?” However, I don’t understand how you can use an “approximation recursive formula” for a real value such as root 2.

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