Grader Error: Grader feedback not found (as usual)

Dear team,
I have a result of 0/80, despite the fact that I passed all tests. Why?
Mi lab id is tcnhtndb.
Thanks in advance,
Giansalvo Cirrincione

Hi Giansalvo_Cirrincion,

There could be several reasons. The tests do not check for all possible errors in your code; you may have (inadvertently) made some changes to code that should not be changed; you may have added cells; or the like.

Unfortunately I cannot access your code through your lab ID. If you attach a copy of your notebook I can have a look at what’s going on.

I have done some changes, but they have not been enough.
C3_W2_Assignment-Copy2.pdf (115.6 KB)

Hi Giansalvo_Cirrincion,

IThere’s something wrong with the signature of def train_model, as there are non-default arguments (lines and eval_lines) following default arguments (batch_size and max_length).

The signature of train_model should be:

def train_model(model, data_generator, lines, eval_lines, batch_size=32, max_length=64, n_steps=1, output_dir=‘model/’).