Grader Error (NameError: name 'white_df' is not defined)

Typed the whole code in a JupyterNotebook and it worked, but I’m getting “red_df is not defined” etc., in the grading section. Could you please help?.

There are similar threads to yours in the forum you should check as a starter:

Hello!, thank you for responding. As suggested, I have modified the file URL to suit the one already saved in my workspace. However, the error persists, I have tried changing the variable name from URL to URI as well, but still no avail. Could you please take a look at my notebook?, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello are you still having problems with this? Can you try reset the whole notebook and go through it again. If the problem still persists I might have to have a look at your notebook in private.

Yes, please help me. I will message you the details of my lab.

Send it in private message to me, I will check it out.

Hello Meera,

I dont know why but you URLs for red and white wine are not right. Perhaps you have changed them or have an older version of the notebook. This is the URLs you should be using:

# URL of the white wine dataset

URL = ‘

# URL of the red wine dataset

URL = ‘

I didn’t check the rest but I think the issue is there. So fix those for now.

But better you should update and/or reset your notebook so its consistent. Have a read on this:

Thank you so much, sir. It worked!. I didn’t update the lab so I was getting the error. My apologies.