Grader is giving wrong feedback

i have this issue, Sorry, your submission was incorrect. Please try again. Parsing Python code failed:
invalid syntax (, line 50). MY code is correct. Everything runs perfectly, but when I submit it, it gives me this error. Extremely poorly designed lab, It is giving me headaches, I am just wasting my time on nothing. Please someone help.

That error message is not present in the latest version of the grader. Maybe you are in the old version of the course? Can you share a screenshot of how the assignment looks to you?

Tagging @chris.favila in case he can help with this

it looks like this. I

don’t know what’s wrong, everything in the notebook works perfectly.

Oh yeah, you are definitively in an older version of the course. We will let the Coursera team know about this so you can get enrolled in the correct version. In the meantime you can transfer your code to the latest version which can be found here.

Notice that this is hosted on github so in order to save changes you will need to first create a copy of the notebook in your GDrive. You can solve the assignment and save both the notebook (.ipynb file) and the training history (.pkl file) which will be required to have your assignment graded once you are in the correct version.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

I have found the solution. I reverted the notebook to its initial state, from there I followed instructions very carefully. I successfully submitted the assignment. Thank you for your help.

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