Gradient Checking Assignment Error

Hi I’m stuck on this error due to the input arguments which has the extra arg “True”

difference = gradient_check_n(parameters, gradients, X, Y, 1e-7, True)

def gradient_check_n(parameters, gradients, X, Y, epsilon=1e-7):

I can’t edit the particular cell to remove the “True” argument. Is there anyone facing this issue? Any solution would be grateful

Hi @mikepang98 ,

Am I right to asume this is not related to course 3? If so, could you provide more details about where are you facing the trouble (Course, Week, Assignment details) and ideally move your post to the corresponding Course in the forum? That way you will probably get the right support :blush:

Hi @carloshvp

The assignment is under Course 2, Week 1 : Gradient Checking. :grinning:

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Hi, @mikepang98.

Looks similar to this. Did you change the function header for gradient_check_n? It should read:

def gradient_check_n(parameters, gradients, X, Y, epsilon=1e-7, print_msg=False):

If you didn’t, could you try backing up your work and updating the notebook?


I have found the issue and solved it. :grinning:

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