Grading Error in Assignment

I didn’t add anything in my notebook. still it was giving the error. I also tried after deleting and uploading again but not working. please let me know, how should i proceed.

Maybe perform a notebook refresh and solve it and submit again. Heres how you can do the refresh:

Can i get fresh copy of assignment? fresh means initial notebook, i’m noticing few changes but i don’t what is correction of those.

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A “refresh” does give you a new copy of the notebook.

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Hi, I’m still struggling with same issue. It’s almost 2 month completed but not getting satisfactory solution. please look into it. This month is my last month of access.

As I am not a mentor for this course, there isn’t much I can do to help.

Send me a copy of your assignment in private, let me see if i can find errors in it!