Grading error in week 3 assignment, question 4

Hi, I’ve implemented all the exercises in week 3 assignment, all 4 tests are passed, and all 4 outputs are matching the expected outputs in the notebook, however I got score of 75/100, because of the last exercise.
The grader output is, “There was a problem grading your submission. Check stderr for more details.”

That scenario most likely means that you have “hard-coded” something such that it happens to match the data in the notebook, but the grader uses a different test case. The types of things to look for would be referencing the global variable that happens to be passed in as a parameter directly in the scope of your function, instead of referencing it using the appropriate formal parameter of the function. Or hard-wiring some of the dimensions of the input objects.

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Thank you so much for your reply.

I’ve reviewed my code and I found that I’m referencing a global variable instead of using the one passed to the function.

Before that, I’ve changed my code and submitted it many times before, and I wasn’t able to figure the solution.
So, again, thank you very much.

That’s great news that you were able to find the solution! Thanks for confirming.